Saturday, July 24, 2004

fun times...

Benjamin and Hannah's cousins from Ohio have come to visit for the week. Benjamin knows them all because he sees their pictures all around our house and in his photo albums. They aren't strangers to him. They came over last night for dinner. Benjamin was flying high. He called them all by their names...not forgetting one of them once. He wanted to show them everything in his house, play with all the toys and get them to do things with him. (They are 14, 12, & 9-He is 2 1/2) They loved following him around and amusing him, they are good sports to play with him. He can't wait to see them again! Hannah on the other hand was so shy and upset that all of these people came to her house. They all want her to smile and be happy and walk around like normal...but she refused. All of these people kept talking to her but she stuck her mommy and daddy like glue. She'll should warm up to them by then end of the week.

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