Friday, October 08, 2004


Today was Nanny's birthday and we had to get ready for it. Benjamin LOVES birthdays especially those of his loved ones. He gets very excited about giving presents and making them a card. Most of the time he makes the card himself but today we made one on the computer...that was OK thought because there were monkeys on it~and that is what we call them "our little monkeys". Still he was so happy to give it to her with her gift. When it came time for Nanny to open the present eh could hardly contain himself. He had already reached into the sink to get the flowers for her. She took the cards to read first and Benjamin took off with the bag to rip into it with Hannah, luckily Corey caught him and returned the gift to her. Nanny was so nice to let him help her open the present. He loves to help. She loved the gifts and made a big deal out of it...Benjamin knew that she loved it. He can't wait for his birthday now because he knows that his is after Nanny's!

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