Thursday, January 27, 2005

potty training...

Well, if you have been following our potty saga with Benjamin from the very sadly continues! I spoke to my cousin (Claudia) and she told me that she was potty training her son, Levi. We have been potty training Benjamin since he was about 18 months old...well not seriously doing it but that is when he first asked to go on the potty. We have been pretty lazy about it. Leading up to his 3rd birthday we repeated "When you are more diapers!" When he had his birthday he complied for a day or two and then it was too stressful for him so we went back to diapers. make a VERY long story short we are on a mission now. We haven't put a diaper on him since Tuesday afternoon. He only has had a few accidents and he seems to be in a pretty good place with it. He doesn't seem stressed about it (I think we have relaxed about it too-so that helped) and maybe a little excited!? He does know that Levi is also wearing underpants so he might feel like they are learning it together...but apart. We are still initiating his going and hopefully with time (not too much) he will start going/running to it on his own. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he is [finally] going to do it!!

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