Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New garden growth...

Walking around the property we can see the tell-tale signs of new growth. A new rotation of crops in the garden. We don't have much in the garden department (unlike our old house) but what we do have is coming alive! We are so excited to have witnessed almost an entire year in this house. April 1st will mark our one year moved-in date!

Since we've had a lot of rain this season and the ground is very soft, we have been working on planting fruit and nut trees now so that they can provide for us in the years to come. There are more trees with new growth out there but below is a small picture sampling of what we have. We love to watch the progress from branch to bud to flower to fruit. It is very exciting :) And the best part is the sampling, we had lots of oranges, lemons and clementines over the last few months, but now they are all gone...so we wait again!

So far we have different types of avocados, apricots, peaches, a grapefruit, a pomegranate, a black walnut, loquats, a kumquat, lemons, oranges and an almond tree. We have plans to plant more trees: apples, figs, tangerines, pluots and more nut trees too. There are two citrus trees that didn't fruit over the last year but they have more flowers and small fruit on them now so we should find out what they are soon enough! It is so exciting!

We are also working on our vegetable garden and have lots of little sprouts in the starter box. We are going to put them in the ground this week and we'll see what success we have with them! The kids have started everything from seed: round zucchini, peas, green beans, sunflowers, pumpkins, tomatoes (for the little lady who LOVES tomatoes), zinnias, larkspurs, snap peas, and there are some others out there too.

We have started an herb garden with rosemary (so far!). I have missed my rosemary bush this last year so I'm really looking forward to having it in my garden and available for cooking and teas.

Yay for gardening!

Hannah's daisies with a visiting bee
Apricot-the only one on the entire tree!
All-in-one Almond (fuzzy part in the middle is the almond growing)
Apricot (gold kist)

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