Tuesday, June 04, 2013


We have been working very hard on our garden this year, we have a total of 3 small boxes and 6 larger boxes now. The 3 small ones (4 x 4) are Hannah, Noah and Rebekahs boxes. Bens box hasn't been built yet. I have occupied the 6 larger (8 x 8) boxes. 

Box 1: We have onions, peppers (hot and sweet varieties), cabbage and tomatoes in one box and they are growing quite nicely.

Box 2: There is corn, green beans, pumpkins, zucchini and a couple of sunflowers in this box. We have harvested about 1lb of green beans and 10lbs of zucchini already and it is delicious! 

Box 3: We have several varieties of tomatoes, crookneck squash, zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce, broccoli and cabbage. We have harvested 3lbs of crookneck squash from this bed. 

Box 4: This isn't really a box, but we lined cinder blocks on their sides with the holes visible on the tops. We planted cucumber (eating and pickling varieties) in the holes and are training them to climb up a pair of old gates that we had laying around the property. They are growing nicely, we have a few cucumbers growing and perhaps they are ready to harvest soon. I just hope that many will be ready at the same time so I can pickle them. Along one edge we have strawberries.

Box 5: This is a new box that will be filled with tomatoes soon. The starts are ready to get in the ground so we are working on this box now.

Box 6: This box has had collards and kale growing in it for the past 6-8 months, but the weather is getting too hot now so I'll be planting something else in there pretty soon.

The kids have been just as busy with their boxes this spring! They have all sort of yummy stuff in their garden boxes like pumpkins, corn, carrots, snap peas, watermelon and cantaloupe. Hannah and Rebekah have pumpkins in their boxes and their vines are taking over the walkways. They are having so much fun with it.

Around the rest of the house we have other food growing: artichokes, fruit on the trees, blackberries, strawberries, and herbs like oregano, basil, mint, lavender, and rosemary. We had dill (until a gopher got to it yesterday) that I was planning on using in my pickles. Garlic grew very well with our roses, we ended up with about a dozen garlic bulbs!

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