Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Happy Birthday Ben!

Happy Birthday Ben!
Over the weekend we threw a Minecraft birthday party for Ben and he loved it. Everyone had fun. We made t-shirts for all the creep-y guests, made creeper juice to drink, exploded TNT Diet Coke with Mentos, made worlds on paper, crafted creepers with perler beads, ate food, shot pigs and cows with BB guns and bows and arrows and of course we had cake and played Minecraft. It was a great party.

Here is Ben working on his t-shirt for the party. Super easy to make, we will make t-shirts again for a birthday party!

Creeper juice was really kool-aid, I couldn't find any green drinks without caffeine. I thought this would be blue and I would add yellow coloring to it to make green but it turned out to be red fruit punch, no one cared!

Stickers with a few Minecraft blocks so they could create a world on paper.

Food (pretzels, watermelon, carrots, TNT, cupcakes and hotdogs and hamburgers)

 Ben shooting balloons so he can eat lunch. Pink balloons were pigs (hot dogs) and brown were cows (for a hamburger!)

Harry trying out a little archery.

Minecraft playing.

We exploded "TNT" via a Diet Coke and some mentos. We tried twice, second time was much bigger of an explosion than the first. Here is Noah trying hard to get away as it exploded.

The creeper guests with the birthday boy. He's 12, where did time go?

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