Saturday, May 29, 2004


We went on a short hike through a small section of Cuyamaca today. The October 2003 fires destroyed a good portion of the park but the re-growth was amazing to see! Little wildflowers scattered all over the place while the burnt to a crisp trees still stood like skeletons over them. It was kind of eerie but there was an overall sense of hope. As we were walking we ran into 2 mounted rangers. Horses! Benjamin was hesitant at first but then he decided that he wanted to pet one. The ranger dismounted and let him pet her horse. I held him so he'd feel a little more secure. He touched the horse first and then pet it again and again... Then he wanted to touch the other horse! He really enjoyed it. He kept wanting to pet them but the rangers had to keep working. Meanwhile, Hannah was in Daddy's arms and getting more frightened as the seconds rolled by. As soon as the horses were gone they were out of her mind and she was fine! Those "firsts" are so much fun!

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