Saturday, September 12, 2009

This afternoon...

This conference is awesome, especially with all the stuff available for the kids to do and participate in. We aren't worried about missing the presenters because everything will be available on a download so we can catch up later. This afternoon Ben went to the Lego funshop (pic below) but before he did, he built this bowling lane for his mini bowling set. It is pretty detailed even with the ball return area and a table for sitting and having a drink....

Hannah loves the artsy funshops. This afternoon she did some art before going to the funshop that she really wanted to go to: the baby doll funshop. She brought her twin babies along and could not wait to share and have tea with the other kids with baby dolls.

Here is Ben in the Lego funshop. They dumped a bin of Legos on the table and the kids just got busy. They built and built for a long time and came up with some pretty cool stuff!

Here's Hannah enjoying her baby doll funshop. She was sharing her tea sets too. They set them all up with water and some fig newtons on the plates. So cute!

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