Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Ben is interested in volcanos. Noah and Hannah are too but this was Bens project today. He wanted to build a volcano. We found a bottle and went to the backyard. I gave him the option of building around it with clay which might take a bit longer or we could go to the back yard and pile dirt around the sides of it to make it look like a volcano. He opted for the dirt so he got digging. We couldn't get the dirt to the top but that didn't matter to Ben. He put baking soda (didn't measure), a little dish soap, and then some food coloring -red, blue and yellow- and finally Ben pour vinegar into the bottle and it bubbled out the top and ooozed down the sides. It was pretty cool to see. Hannah and Noah came to see the results and liked it. We might try the clay version in the future, but for now this was great!

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