Thursday, September 09, 2010


We took all 3 older kids to the dentist last week and I was so proud of Noah. It was his first time sitting in the chair by himself as well as lasting through the exam!! We have been trying for 2 years for his teeth to be examined and until now it has ended up in frustration and lots of tears and screaming (somtimes). I'm so thankful that he overcame the fear and let them look in his mouth! He has 20 teeth (has for a while that I've been able to count) and they are nicely spaced. Next time, they will try for pictures...but I'm not holding my breath!

Ben has a broken tooth and many cavities. We have been referred to an orthodontist for his crowded teeth too. Hannah has crowding and has a referral for the same orthodontist. First though, we'll take care of Ben's broken tooth and cavities. They always do well on the Dentists chair.

a little nervous

he warms up to it

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