Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rehearsal dinner...

JP is getting married Saturday!! Tonight we went to the rehearsal and dinner at the Boat House in Coronado. It was a great time, we got to know the newest extended members of our family a little better.

The kids were great! They knew that they were going to a fancy restaurant and were on very good behavior. They have been practicing their good manners at home for quite a while so they were very ready. They also had brought some activities to do. They play well with a few little cars and tables that they can get underneath.

They are really excited about the wedding and can not wait for it to come. It is a mysterious occasion for them because they haven't been to one that they can remember well. They have seen weddings on TV and such but being involved and related to those getting married is very exciting. Yay! We can't wait until Saturday!!

dum dum da dum...going down the aisle!
(with Marissa looking on)
Jen and JP
JP with his happy-beyond-belief parents!
JP and Grandma
Bride-to-be Christine and Grandma

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