Friday, April 01, 2011


Last night Rebekah stayed up late. She took a long power nap during the day, woke up at 4pm and the night was full with playing with and entertaining her. The other kids went to bed and Rebekah got herself all set up on the couch so that she could watch her TV show. She put a baby doll on either side of her, pulled up a cozy blanket to cover herself and the baby dolls and started to suck her thumb as she waited for her DVD to start. It was adorable.

Once I gave her attention (I took her picture-below) she wanted to play with the dolls with me. We made them dance on the couch. They slid down the cushion slide. They drank sips of water because they were thirsty. They jumped up and down and they went to bed. Rebekah had so much fun. But this didn't tire her out. She was up until after 11pm and was still restless as she was trying to fall asleep. But she had fun!

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