Saturday, April 02, 2011


Rebekah pooped in the potty yesterday! It was quite a highlight of the day and I wasn't sure it would be something she'd do again. Up until then she would occasionally make the mad dash down the hall to the bathroom and sit on her potty. But with her diaper on. Yesterday she was naked because it was so hot so it was easy for her to just make a run for it and succeed. As she looked into the pot she got slightly nervous about what she found there and wanted me to hold her. But today she is quite proud of herself and her accomplishment and is very happy that Grandad saw her as she was coming out of the toilet.

This morning however she didn't make it. She kept running down the hall and then finally, maybe she didn't believe it was really coming, she went on the living room floor. The older kids were disgusted but she thought it was funny. Then, while I was cleaning it up, she went and pee'd on the kitchen floor. Not funny. But easier to clean up.

So she's on her way! We are very excited because this is the beginning of less diapers for us.

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