Thursday, May 19, 2016

Rebekah sews...

Rebekah (7yo) decided that she wanted to enter a sewing project into the San Diego county fair. She wanted to make a bag. We did an online search with images and found a cute messenger bag on this website:  We went through my fabric and found two pieces of fabric that would accommodate the pattern that we created. She took charge of the project and knew exactly what she wanted, how big it would be...etc. we made our own pattern with a piece of paper.

Here she is cutting the pattern with fabric pinned on the back.

Pinning the fabric together, getting it ready to sew.

Sewing on the machine. She is so proud of herself!

All finished! Clipping the random strings.

All finished! A miniature messenger bag made just for her.

She entered this bag into the San Diego County Fair, so if if you are at the fair, stop by the Creative Youth area and look for her bag!

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