Thursday, January 29, 2009

No TV...

This week we decided that we needed to be TV free for a while. The kids have been screaming at each other, yelling at us, slamming doors on us, hitting and pushing each other, arguing, not listening and just plain unpleasant to live with. I think that it all started when we upgraded our cable to accommodate our new DVR. The kids realized that they could watch kids TV shows all day long and lots of the shows were new to them. So they were glued to the couch. Since we noticed a change in their behaviors we took TV away for a week and if they had any hard days or more episodes we would take another day and add it to the week. 

So far we're up to 13 days of no TV, not good for them. It's an eternity.

But that's OK. Last night, I felt bad about our abrupt taking TV away, so I figured we would try a reward system with stickers on a chart. The idea was that they could earn a show or a movie and popcorn after a certain number of good days but that failed miserably after 12 hours, we just can't count all three children in the same reward. Some are good more than others and one is still learning. One is bound to blow it for the others and at this point, we don't need them to feel any resentment towards each other.

So we are getting even more involved and planning more activities for them to do starting in the morning and throughout the day. They are really excited about learning letters, drawing, doing puzzles, word games, playing games and reading. They are playing nicely together, they seem to be able to relate and play together. And I have noticed that we haven't had nearly as many horrible eruptions that we had been having. Thank goodness. I was getting worried that we were going down a scary path with the children right before another babe joins our family and that would be hard. On everyone.

They aren't ever excited about the cleaning up of it all. It has always ended in piles of activities all over the house. It takes forever. They miss TV and have even shed some tears about it. I may try the reward system again but it will definitely have to be something that is done in my head. So I'm thinking that we'll keep it a no TV house for now, it seems to be working. Crossing fingers.

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