Friday, January 30, 2009

Recycling crayons...

I have been wanting to do this for a long time and today we finally had the opportunity to do it. The kids received about 6 giant boxes of new crayons for Christmas. A lot of the ones we had already weren't being used because they were broken. Broken must mean defective for kids because they simply would not touch them anymore. Since several of us are trying to get better from coughs and colds, I thought it best to stay home today and take it easy. First though we headed to Michaels for some little muffin cups for our project. We decided on the silicone ones because we could put them directly into the oven. The other choices would have given us another step in the process and today it was all about getting it done. 

When we got home we peeled all the paper from the old crayons and put them into our new cups and put them on a cookie sheet. Set the oven for 350 degrees, put them in and waited until they looked all melted and liquid. When they were liquid, we set them out to cool and once cool enough they went into the fridge for a bit longer to really cool off. The kids could hardly wait for them to be done. While they were cooling, we got busy with the rest of the broken and defective crayons to make another batch. Voila, new crayons to color and draw with...and play with too.

They loved this project.

Our next project is to make paper :) They are equally excited about that.

Broken crayons into the muffin cups
Into the oven (about 15 minutes)
All melted
Cooled and done
Second batch

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