Sunday, February 01, 2009

Family park day...

We joined some new-ish friends today at a local park for our monthly unschooling picnic in the park. The kids had so much fun. They ran around following each other doing all kinds of stuff. They barely played on the playground, it was so much more fun and interesting to do all the playing and activities elsewhere. I find that many times the kids don't play on the structures but that they create their own games in the bushes or on the grassy areas. We brought croquet and everyone wanted to play, they all took turns and got along pretty well...and no one got hit with a mallet! 

There were a good number of boys around Ben's age and he was in heaven with all of them to play with. They played a game that looked like wrestling, no one got hurt (one did at the very end) and none of the parents were concerned enough to go an hang out with them and direct. They wrestled and pushed each other off the concrete slab for a long time, they all took turns and it looked like they were having fun. 

We are really looking forward to seeing our friends again, perhaps even on Tuesday! (if no baby yet)

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