Thursday, February 05, 2009

Playing in the rain...

So it decided to start raining this afternoon and the kids didn't mind. They were still in their summer clothes and playing with rocks and water, and of course the kitchen containers. Actually I think what they were doing was cleaning rocks from the back yard. They got water from the hose, then (since it was cold water) hot water from the kitchen and mixed it together with some soap. That made it super fun with bubbles even! They sang songs and danced around like they were in a musical and on stage! They played nicely together, no arguments or screaming at each other...that's something we don't see/hear very much lately. 

Now it's cleanup time and boy is there a muddy mess in the kitchen and on the kids! Oh well, it was so worth the 2 hours of quiet cooperative play.

All... in the rain :)

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