Sunday, February 15, 2009


We continue to learn in our house. Today we noticed a police officer on a motorcycle outside clocking the speeding drivers coming down the road. So we watched him for about 2 minutes. I think he saw us watching him (how could he miss us?) and perhaps was on a mission to get someone while we watched. He would pull his speedometer out and point it at the next car and then the truck. The blue truck got a wave from the policeman to pull over and that was the lesson. You speed, you get a ticket. My kids had never seen a ticket being given and were glued to the action below. Ben thought it was a show and was going to get chairs for everyone to sit on so that they would be able to watch in comfort, I told him that it was almost over and that they would be leaving soon. So no extra chairs, besides there was already one that they could sit or stand on out front.

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