Monday, February 23, 2009

First bath...

We gave Rebekah her first bath today, and the kids all had to help! They absolutely loved giving her a bath and asked so many questions. They all wanted to know about the tub and if they were all given baths in that tub, and who had baths in that tub for the longest time, and was the tub in the sink when they were given baths too...and they went on! They were gentle in pouring water on her and even were careful not to get the water on her face. I was glad for that. She just laid there soaking in the warm water, she was precious. We kept the little towel on her to keep her warm, because it is cold in the house. We don't need her getting cold. So it was fun for all and now she's all clean (Hannah had told me that she was "looking pretty dirty" yesterday).

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