Friday, March 27, 2009

Some pics and update...

Well we didn't close escrow today like we had hoped so it looks like it will most likely be on Monday :( it's a big bummer. We are still moving and that is good. We have been busy packing up our stuff and the house is becoming more and more cluttered with piles of boxes. We hope to move our boxes into the garage on Sunday, get the keys on Monday and finish moving in next week sometime. Corey has taken most of the week off to make the transition. It should be interesting and s l o w with a newborn attached to me. We've got plenty of time though. No rush.

Rebekah is growing so fast, tonight I noticed that she may be moving to the next size in clothes...we've been using disposables for the past week or so because it helps my laundry sanity with the packing and chaos. So when we are settled into our house and using cloth again she'll definitely need some bigger clothes. Not to worry though because we have all of Hannah's old clothes (we saved them, just in case) as well as a few new outfits she got as gifts :)

Ben, Hannah and Noah have been so excited about moving it doesn't seem real to them...until today when we told them that we are packing a truck on Sunday. They are super excited. Hannah can't wait to have her own room. Ben and Noah can't wait either. They have their rooms all picked out. We also cannot wait to start our gardens. We have plenty of room in the yard for everyone to have their own.

Tonight the notary came by and had us sign a million papers. As she was leaving she said "thank you and you have beautiful children, they've been incredibly good. You homeschool? [I said yes] I can tell [I say: you can tell? how? there is no school stuff out] By the way they behave." So, I can take this two ways. They were jumpy on the couch but also watching TV and quieted down after a while. Was that a nice compliment or...not? I'm choosing to think it was.

That's the update about us, I'm going to do some back posting with more pictures so please read back a bit too.

The kids
goofing around
Hannah with Rebekah in the car seat...she's yawning
a day in the park
with Mama
Having fun...

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