Tuesday, June 02, 2009


This afternoon we went on a field trip to the Monarch Butterfly program in Encinitas. We've been before and this time was just as great! There is little classroom where they have a little program set up with a movie, slides and kid participation. They learned a lot and it was totally geared to kids. They learned about the four stages of the butterfly's life cycle, and then they got to witness it out in the butterfly area. Then we went to the butterfly area where there were so many butterflies flying all around. There was watermelon in there for the kids to pick up and hope that a butterfly would land on their piece. The butterfly lady had some caterpillars that she passed around for the kids to handle and pet as well. They loved it.

Ben got one on his finger!
Hannah caught one too (as one flies by her face)!
Rebekah got one!
Noah caught one

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