Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Last library trip...

This afternoon we went to the local library to check it out and see what was going on. There was a story time and puzzle time scheduled but it was running late. We soon found out that that was cancelled and that there was a flag painting going on instead. Today they were recruiting people for the summer reading clubs and so we signed up, and the flags were going to decorate the library. So the kids got busy painting flags. They each got to paint 2 flags. The first ones that they did weren't done with care and were kind of gloppy with paint that was all mixed up (I think the librarian didn't explain the directions very well). The second ones were much better, Hannah's actually had a picture on it. 

After painting the flags they were supposed to go around the library and try to find some books. The kids had their library cards waiting for them at the front desk ready to be picked up. Ben found a comic about Spiderman and found a spot to sit and read. Hannah and Noah couldn't find books. Noah kept bugging Ben (I was nursing Rebekah nearby) and they wouldn't leave each other alone. At one point Noah had become so crazy he knocked over a bookshelf, books went sprawling everywhere and I was mortified. We left. It may be a very long time before I take them to the library again. This craziness seems to happen every time.  Perhaps I'll have to take them to pick up their flags at the end of summer, but then again...I may just have to go alone.

Littlest book worm
Painting flags
Ben reading a spiderman comic book

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