Saturday, June 06, 2009


Ben and Hannah have been wanting a Nintendo DS for a LONG time. They see them everywhere and talk about seeing them, who had one, what game they were playing, what color it was... all the time. We can't afford to buy two so we challenged them to try to save their money to buy one. The games are also pretty expensive so they would be responsible for buying games (unless they got some as gifts for birthdays or Christmas-or just because). So they saved their money and remembered that they were saving their money every time we went shopping for about a year. They didn't spend much of their own money. 

Today we went to Target and they picked out their own Nintendo DSi and asked the salesman to get it out of the glass case for them. They picked out a game each as well. There was a deal on them and they each got a game for free but we thought they'd be too hard and not interested in them so they chose a kids game for themselves. Ben got the Cars racing game and Hannah got the Princess game. We are very proud of them for all the work and restraint they did to save up their own money to buy something that they wanted. They learned about saving and the value of it. We hope they remember it for the future.

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