Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Foam play...

We can't be outside when it's hot, well technically we can but it is way too hot and the kids automatically migrate inside to the a/c. So, we took a trip to Michael's Craft Store this morning and found a project for them to do. Foam crafts! They are really into pirates and there was a pirate ship that the boys really wanted and a cute girly garden that Hannah wanted, so we took all three home. 

After we opened all of them I realized that we needed a glue gun and I am pretty happy that I knew where that was! It was just so lucky that I had just unpacked the box that it was in! (yes, still unpacking) I helped Ben get his ship together and then showed him how to safely use the glue gun and he finished the rest. Hannah's garden needed some major help in the beginning but then she was really busy with putting the flowers and butterflies on it. I did 95% of Noah's, he was really tired of waiting for it to be finished. But they all played with them and are pretty happy with them. I'm pretty sure that all the Lego men that we own are now pirates.

It was fun for them. Next time they want the $20 pirate ships and the princess castle...I'll have to have someone else here to help me out.

Ben working on his ship
Ben's ship is all finished
Noah's ship with a Lego pirate man
Hannah working on her fairy garden

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