Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ice cream...

Today we went on our monthly field trip with our homeschooling friends. It was by far the most popular field trip yet (besides the farm tours and the train trip) and the yummiest. One of the families owns the Tomberlies ice cream company which is a raw and vegan ice cream, delicious. It is available locally at OB Peoples, Jimbos, Whole Foods and other stores (local and non-local). We got an introduction about how they make the base ice cream and it really is raw ingredients -no dairy! The kids got to create their own cups and take home to eat. Ben and Hannah made a strawberry creation, Noah added blueberry to his and I made mine with maca (caramel-like), macademia nuts and blueberry. It was yum. Everyone loved their creation and sadly they are all gone tonight.

Pouring into the machine to be frozen

Everyone patiently waiting for it to come out of the machine

Hannah watching the ice cream come out
Noah ready to put his creation in his cup

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