Sunday, July 19, 2009

Swim day...

Boy has it been hot! During the heat, it is fun to go swimming! Everyone went in today even the baby! She just sits there and sucks on her fingers. She doesn't scream which is good, I am pretty sure one of our kids didn't like the pool as a baby, but I can't remember which one that was. Today was a special day because Hannah showed me her newest moves in the pool, she can swim. She has been able to for a while but I haven't been around to see it...until today :) Check out the video below. I think Noah is on his way to doing it without the life vest too, we'll have to see if he'll swim to me next time we go. 

Ben practiced surfing on the inflatable board that my parents have, he wants to learn how to stand up and not get toppled over by the waves, like he did last month at the beach. He'll get it soon, he's like that. He will practice something until he has it perfected and then he'll call himself a pro :)

Ben practicing surfing
Rebekah snuggled up after the swim

and a video,
Hannah can swim! No swim lessons for her, she's taught herself :)

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