Monday, July 25, 2011


A few months ago we got chickens. We bought 6 chicks, 4 of them will lay dark brown eggs (a 'terra cotta' color) and 2 of them are Easter Eggers which lay green-ish blue eggs. The lady we bought them from said that they would start laying around now. At the same time, a friend of ours needed to move out of their home and they needed a space for their 8 hens and coop. I told them that if they wanted, we could take them for them. That way they could see them when they were over here. They brought them over at the end of April. Instantly we had 14 chickens.

We built the "Poulet Chalet" with a nice big run and attached their coop to ours. During the day the chickens run free in the back yard, hide under the trees and bathe in the dirt. They go into the coop and run to roost at night and to eat their laying feed. They have been keeping us busy and have been providing us with eggs on a daily basis. The young hens have started to lay, some as early as last month! We weren't expecting their eggs until August! Their eggs are a beautiful dark brown.

We have a daily 'Chicken Checker' job so that the kids turns are rotated around and everyone has their turn. They want to get to a point where they sell the eggs, so we are trying to get them to take care of the chickens and not just play with them. There really isn't much to the job since the chickens are pretty self-sufficient. The kids LOVE to be the Chicken Checker. Rebekah doesn't have a day yet but she is eager to! She absolutely loves to take care of the chickens, change their water, put out food and go hunt for the eggs. Someday soon, she will be the tiniest Chicken Checker around!

This picture is a small variety of what we get on one of the daily checks. The cute little brown speckled egg is from one of our young hens who is starting to lay. They start out small and get bigger with each egg laid. I'll get pics of the coop and the chickens out soon. :)

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