Friday, July 22, 2011


We seem to have had an explosion of sorts with our kids reading! Being a teacher with a Masters in Literacy, I have found it to be a huge struggle within to not push them into reading. I have stood back though to allow them to try and find out their right time to want to learn. I had faith and confidence that it would happen because I have researched and discussed with others "who have travelled this unschooled road before" but it has been so hard to wait. I'm so used to doing things for them.

This morning I found Ben reading a chapter book while eating breakfast. He was trying to finish the book to start another. Hannah was on the couch reading to Rebekah, while a CD was on reciting the letters and their sounds. It sounded like she was trying to teach Rebekah some letters and sounds. It was such a wonderful feeling watching this happen and what a sense of accomplishment that they have when taking charge of their learning.

What a great morning! Here's to hoping it lasts!

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