Monday, January 19, 2015


Since I'm eternally on a quest to make things easier at dinnertime and cheaper -but healthy- for my family, I decided to try my hand at canning beans today. Beans can only be canned in a pressure canner, NEVER a water bath.

I did 3 kinds of beans in 7 pint jars today. It was super easy! I decided to can 2 jars of kidney beans and 2 jars of black beans. My kids love kidney beans right out of the can so I hope they are a hit! I also did black beans because I'm always running to the store for 2 cans of black beans for whatever recipe I'm working on. The last 3 jars are pinto beans which I did season with garlic and onion powders and cumin and coriander. They will be ready to heat and mash -or not mash- for burritos, yum!

I'm going to need this canning rack so that I can double the amount of pint jars that I can can at once because the whole process was so easy. Here is the pressure canner that I have, the Presto Pressure Canner. It is a pretty popular canner because it's affordable for most. It is super easy to use once you've gone through the process once or twice. It is not recommended to can in a regular pressure cooker. Do your research!

So here they are! 7 jars of beans and they look good! They just have to sit for 24 hours, untouched and then they can sit on the shelf until they are needed! It was such an easy process that I will be doing it again very soon!

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