Monday, March 02, 2015

Etsy shop...

Did you know that I have an Etsy shop? I'm just starting out but I have some of my reusable bags listed there. If you didn't know about it go check it out and add it to your favorites! I have so many ideas for the shop that my name doesn't really match everything. I need some ideas for a new shop name, can you help me out? Right now it's SoReusable but when I opened the shop I just had my bags to sell.

I'm still building the shop and my plan is to add other products to my shop like lip balms (like those that I posted yesterday), soothing salves and other balms for various needs (baby rash, itchy skin...). I also have diffuser necklaces to use with Essential Oils, Essential Oil travel bags/cases and eye pillows for relaxing. And I may even decide to sell some of the home made items that I can like my jams, jellies and pickles. The ideas are a-plenty!

So, if you have any creative Etsy shop names that I could use, send them my way! I'd really appreciate it! I can only change the name once, so I need a little help...and I know there are some creative people who are great with words out there!

Thanks for stopping by...and thank you for your help!

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