Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Ben! …

After opening a few presents from us and a specially made breakfast for Ben, we went to Legoland and our kids had a blast. We signed up with the homeschool days that they offer. Nanny went with us and treated us to the day, what a great present for us! Ben & Hannah loved it. Everything was made of Legos and there were so many rides and things for the kids to do and see, that we could’ve been there for a couple of days and still not done everything. Hannah loved the roller coasters and the twirly boat swing, she giggled and raised her hands with glee. Noah liked riding in the helicopter and going on the rides. Ben loved everything. He loved the roller coasters and the bumper cars, the playground, the water guns, everything. We stopped by the store on our way out of the park and Ben picked up a couple of sets of Legos. Thanks to all the money he got for his birthday he was able to get the ones he really wanted! He can’t wait to go again. We all can’t wait to go again. Thanks Nanny!!
First ride
Making music with water instruments
In the fire truck
Pirates singing
Wishing well Mardi Gras, New Orleans
Treasure Island, Las Vegas, NV
Exploration time with quakes and shakes

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