Saturday, November 17, 2007


Every year we go to a nearby neighborhood and walk around the couple of blocks to look at all the Christmas decorations and lights. I am always wishing that we could do something that is half as good as what we see at our house. But we are always broke at this time of year.
So, the time is upon us again, we decided to make some decorations for our house for this Christmas season. We had two pieces of plywood laying around the house, so we drew a snowman on one piece and a Christmas tree on the other. We used the jigsaw to cut the shapes out, then sanded them down. In the next few weeks we will paint them (have to buy paint) and decorate them to put outside. We want to have them last a few years, so we will protect them with some sort of non-toxic varnish. Here is Ben working hard at sanding the snowman down. The Christmas tree is about the same size as the snowman.
This type of activity is great for the kids because they take such pride in what they do. They will choose the paint colors and how they figures will look. Usually they are working together at the project and not bickering about who is doing what to them. Anyway, they have told our neighbors about the project already, we can't wait until they are done and it is time to put them outside. We will wait until December 1st.
Pictures of both (finished) will come soon!

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