Saturday, November 03, 2007


Ben’s official birthday is not until Monday…when he turns the big number 6! We had a little birthday party for him today, inviting our families and their children for some fun over at our house. They all came in costume because it was Halloween-themed. We had activities for the kids to do like apple-bobbing, a ghost hunt and a string of donuts that they had to eat off the string without using their hands. Quite fun for all involved. Some kids were scared of the ghosts (really, they were lollipops dressed in crepe paper) and others not interested in bobbing apples that they would have to eat after they bit into it, but all in all it was a great evening for all. Ben had a great time and loved that all of his family came to celebrate with him. He got some great presents too…and lots of money, most of which is going straight into the bank. He’ll get to spend some of it.

Here are some pictures of all the fun…it’s so hard to decide which to post when I’ve taken so many pictures!

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