Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Tonight we went to Shaky's Pizza for Ben's soccer party. He still has one more game this weekend so we're celebrating a little early. We've never been to Shaky's Pizza but the kids knew the drill from going to Chuck E Cheese's once before. Anyway, it was a nice party and I was surprised that we (a family of 5) ate for only $5. For the entire family that's $1 each! What a deal. The kids didn't win many tickets form the games but they all ended up with super bouncy balls from the prize counter. And as we were walking out I noticed that we could've bought 3 super bouncy balls for 75 cents from the little dispenser by the door. Ugh what a rip off! Oh well, they all had fun and it was a nice ending to the soccer season!

Ben with his bobble-head trophy and dog tag

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