Thursday, November 20, 2008

Train trip...

Our monthly field trip took us on the Coaster and it was fun! As soon as I told the kids that they needed to get ready for our field trip, they were ready in 5 minutes and waiting at the door. That never happens. Ever.

We drove to the station and there was no parking, we circled the lot a couple of times and were starting to get nervous about missing the train because we were cutting it close now. After I decided to leave the lot, on our way out I saw a man leaving with his car, we took his spot and grabbed our stuff and ran to the train. It arrived right as we were under the track, running to get to the other side. We found our group which was so far away from us, but we made it and boarded the train. Once on the train I took inventory of what we had with us and realized that we forgot to grab the cooler with the main parts of our lunch inside. Oh well.

The train ride was awesome, the kids were really into this field trip and loved every minute of it. They found their friends, got reacquainted with them (because we see most of them once a month) and enjoyed the ride. When we got to our stop we walked to a nearby park together and all the kids played for a long time together. Every once in a while we saw them show up to eat something but that wasn't a long visit. One family brought a kite and all the kids wanted to play with it, they took turns. Noah wanted a turn and cried for a long time because no one would let him play with it. I finally got him distracted by bringing him to play with Eliza, his friend. They played and picked what they called "dragon berries" around the park. They had fun. Ben brought his backpack (as usual) and he showed everyone how to make a kite with paper and yarn. Noah was not impressed and still wanted the real one.

We headed back to the train station and waited for our train to come. While we waited the kids played together, read the schedule and watched for the train to show. One train zoomed by and it was so loud and fast that it made everyone shiver. Some of the kids got scared with the noise. So we got a picture of them holding their ears with their hands. We got on the train and I noticed that all the kids were sitting together, not many were sitting with their parents. They were all chit-chatting and snacking together on our way home.

It was a great day, we're all looking forward to next month!

Hannah on the train
The super fast train was so loud
It's here!
Looking out the window
Noah is so happy

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