Friday, November 14, 2008

Thank you Granny and GranDad!

In the mail yesterday, Ben got a birthday card from his Granny wishing him a happy belated birthday and also saying that he should watch the mail for his birthday present. (She caught pneumonia and was not able to bring it over herself, and now she is obeying the doctor's orders and staying home and doing nothing.) So he plopped himself on the front doorstep waiting for the mailman to come (again) with his present. Hannah and Noah sat to wait with him. We talked about how the mail only comes once a day and that he'd have to wait until tomorrow to see if anything came for him. He was bummed but he could wait.

So today we were pretty busy and I thought he forgot about it. But when we got home, lo and behold there was a giant box on the doorstep waiting for him. He found his name on the label and ran for the scissors. He found his gift inside and it was "exactly what I wanted!!!" He giggled and screamed and was so excited about it. He called Granny and thanked her on the phone, he was all smiles and thrilled to death telling her all about it. Hannah and Noah were equally excited for him and couldn't wait for him to tear it open to start building. Which is exactly what Ben started to do. So far he has built a couple of fire engines and a garage, Hannah helped build some flowers to decorate the front of the fire station and Noah put a Lego fireman together. 600 new Lego pieces...

Ahhh... the joy of seeing your child opening a gift that he really's priceless, I tell you!

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