Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bath time...

We were talking to some adult friends of ours over the weekend and somehow we started talking about the kids (we don't know how that happens) and the funny and strange things that they do. So here's a story from Corey about bath-time.
The kids love to take a bath and with all three in the bath together is super fun. Noah will get in and pee in the water (it must be the warm water), then Hannah and Ben get in-sometimes they all get in at the same time. They immediately get their toys out to play with which includes boats, squirt animals, sponges, cups and bowls... As a precaution Corey always starts out the bath-time by saying "Don't drink the water because Noah pee'd in the water!" They laugh with giggles, partly because they are in the water and partly because of the word 'pee' and that Noah did it in the bath. Then they grab their cups, dunk in the bath water and start drinking. Corey says it again and again but they still just giggle and drink.
No one knows why they keep drinking but they do. Urine is sterile, and the amount that they are ingesting is so little mixed with the bath water, so we're not worried.

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