Saturday, June 16, 2007


This morning we went to the mall to pick up some wedding gifts (we have 2 weddings to go to in the next 2 weeks). I took Hannah and Noah along, while Ben went on a bike ride with Daddy. I also had a couple of other errands to run while at the mall, and since we never get to the mall I thought we'd get them done too. One of these errands was to get into the Apple store to buy a hook-up thingee for my iPod Nano to play in the car. I download pod-stories & kid shows for my kids and having this hook-up would be a nice way for them to listen together in the car. They always want to listen to stories or a show and we only have one iPod. I think it's the headphones that they love.
We got to the Apple store to have a look around and find the area that we are looking for. We walk around a bit (the store was very busy this morning) and Hannah spots a pink iPod Nano. She jumps up and down while pointing at it, and says "Look Mommy!!! There's a pink one for me!!!" I knelt down and told her that those are very expensive, that we can't afford to buy her one today, we just don't have the money. She was distraught and about in tears!
Hannah disappeared into the stroller to pout and be sad. Her heart was broken, I think she had her hopes up to buy one. She really wants a pink iPod Nano...maybe someone else can buy it for her!?

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