Saturday, June 30, 2007

The fair....

Today we went to the San Diego County Fair. What a great day!! We are all exhausted from everything that we did. It was Noah's first time at the fair and Ben and Hannah's second trip. They remembered the last time we went and couldn't wait for today. We got there right when the gates opened and headed right for the animals, we found some big equipment that Noah was enthralled with, checked out the new Chevy Suburban (I like our 'old' one the best) and got a free Caprisun drink. We saw the goats, sheep, steers, calves, pigs and piglets, turkeys, chickens and roosters. We toured the farming arena for a while and then headed to the rides. Boy was that fun! Ben and Hannah went on the ferris wheel and loved it! They went on the carousel, down the giant twirly slide and fought the fires in the fire engines.

All that before lunch.

We watched Marissa do her folk dancing during lunch and then we went to play again and this time with Marissa! We enjoyed ourselves, indulging a bit in the fair foods and lots of fun. Ben and Hannah each got a bag of cotton candy, and ate it all by themselves! We didn't worry about naps, Noah slept in the stroller and Hannah went without one. We came home very tired and got to bed early.
Noah trying to touch the goat
Hannah and Ben in the ferris wheel with Daddy (on the left)
Noah wanted to be on the 'lello' we switched!
Marissa dancing
This roller coaster was perfect for little kids (& big ones!)!

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