Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Some people tell me that I'm crazy because I stay up way too late at night. And after a day with the three kids running all around, I can understand why they may think that I might be tired. Which I am. Very tired. Every night. But today was a perfect example of why I stay up past the kids bedtimes.

We had a friends two children with us today. One is 4 like Hannah and the other is almost 2 like Noah. So they had buddies all day. As soon as their Mom left, Noah started picking on her youngest and would not stop until he (Noah) went down for a nap. He would bang him on the head with a car or a truck, push him on the back, grab his toy, and this went on for a couple of hours. Hannah and her friend went around the house trying to shake Ben off their backs by running away and making it a not-so-nice game out of it. Ben was hurt and didn't like that they wouldn't play with him. He would run after them scaring them with a tiger mask on, or really try to get them to play with him but they wouldn't. They seemed to like these but only for a few minutes and then one of them would come crying to me. This went on all day. On top of that they didn't know what to do. I brought out the Slip-n-Slide and set it up in the backyard, latherd sunblock of 3 children (the other 2 already had it on) and told them to have fun. That lasted exactly 5 minutes. They got sidetracked and were using the watering cans to fill the birdbath with dirt to make muddy water. Then they fought over the watering cans.... We have a house full of fabulous toys and a huge number of children's books, and they seemed bored and not wanting to play with any of them. We went for a walk (at the hottest part of the day) and everyone was tired, thristy or had to use the bathroom. Not a good plan. We raced home. Noah was screaming by the time we got home, everyone got drinks and then boredom set in again. Hannah and her friend found a quiet game to play with the dolls but Ben was not allowed in again. I turned on the computer and let him watch some shows. It was absolute madness with me trying to put out the little fires, until that moment.

So I stay up because my days are so hectic and crazy that I seek out the peace and the quiet of the night. With only the dishwasher, maybe the washing machine and dryer and a few cars driving by, it is the most peaceful time of the day. I can read online, in my book or watch TV without being jumped on, called upon, nursed on, or needed in any other way. I'm trying to keep my sanity and if that means I have to stay up way past my bedtime, so be it! I'm a happier person that way. :-)

BTW Hannah had a wonderful time and can't wait to play with her friend again! Ben really wants a friend his age. And Noah ... well Noah will love when they come to play again too.

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