Thursday, August 02, 2007

Day 4 - Devil's Postpile

We went on a hike today. We went 3/4 mile from our campsite to Devil's Postpile. Noah let me carry him almost the entire way (save a few minutes, aren't I lucky??). Hannah and Ben hiked the entire way. They are awesome hikers. The postpile is amazing and beautiful. Ben loved the columns and was amazed & very disappointed that he wasn't allowed to climb on them or explore them a bit closer.

Tonight we found my family in town (we went again to call them to find out when they would be joining us). They will find a campsite and then I think they are leaving for Lundy Lake tomorrow. Not sure of their plans.

Oh and we decided to keep our site, it's big and spacious. The kids have room to explore and run. We would've felt super cramped in the other site....we thought it might feel like we were at home! lol

After our hike this morning we gathered some nature objects from around the site and we got creating. We made mobiles with sticks, pinecones, bark, and various other stuff. It was hard because we used fishing line and the kids weren't able to tie it very well, but we did the best we could!

And the last thing that we did today was go to the bath house. We waited for everyone to wake up from nap and went. It is a wonderfully HOT natural spring that they've rigged to shower spouts. There are about 6 or 7 of them and there is always a line of people waiting to bathe. The bathhouse was the highlight of the day. Hot but well worth it. The children came out of it looking new and ready to tackle the evening with more dirt and fun!

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