Friday, August 03, 2007

Day 5 - Starkweather Lake

As I wrote yesterday, we found my family last night, however we don't know whether they found a spot to stay last night. The campgrounds are all full with people who are staying for a long time. We headed to a different lake this morning called Starkweather Lake. It is a small lake right off the road. We parked and hiked around to the backside of the lake where we could still see the road (in case my family was looking for us-we left them a note at our site). We got the kids fishing poles all set up and detangled (again) and they set off for catching the big one. We had an extra pole so I set it up and threw my line in. Not 30 seconds later I felt that I had something on the other end. I waited and then the feeling was gone. Then back again and I knew that I had caught a fish. The first of the year. I've never been the first before. It's always been a place for my Dad or one of my brothers. But there I was reeling it in. And it was a big one!! Hard to reel in because the kids had messed with the reel tension. Anyway, it was great!

My family found us and by then I had caught another (2 fish for me!! I have done my part for the year). The rest of the afternoon we spent not catching any more fish but just having fun by the lake.

Tonight we went to the Devil's Postpile campground for the campfire program while Corey fly fished. I thought I was crazy taking all three kids to a campfire program alone...especially since as we walked up to it I noticed that there were only adults in the audience AND the title of the program was "tourism". But they were surprisingly good. They learned a bit about what to do if they see or hear a bear in the area and saw some pictures of ripped up cars/vans by a bear after some food. So there was great info and I learned alot about the area.

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