Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Day 3

After a morning of finding our forgotten supplies in town (Mammoth Lakes) we went for a little hike to Lake Sotcher-right near the campground. With Noah on my back in the Ergo we went on a nature hunt, pointing out everything that we saw. We found lots of great stuff along the way. We found a creek, pine cones, BIG trees and little trees, chipmunks, "LELLOW" flowers (which was yelled loudly when spotted) & purple ones, a waterfall and a deer...amongst everything else nature had to offer. We finally got to the lake, Noah climbed off my back and we went fishing. We didn't have any luck but we sure did do a lot of fixing the rods and reels up after they got tangled! Corey got some fly fishing in too. It was a beautiful spot, popular but very relaxing to hang out and watch the sun go down.

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