Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hannah's first day....

This morning was the first day of Sunday School at the Mission Church for Hannah. Ever since Ben started going last year (she joined him a couple of times) she has felt nervous about starting her own class. She has the same teacher (Ms. Diana) that Ben had and she already knew Hannah from last year. We walked to the class together and Hannah found a seat and turned to see where I was (at the door-where I was supposed to be). I had told her that I will walk from her room to Ben's to make sure everyone was OK. So I guess she was happy to see me because I got a big smile from her.

For the rest of the hour they made necklaces for name tags so that the teachers would remember their names. During that half hour, she didn't turn to look for me once. Not once. I walked down the hall to check on Ben for a while and he didn't look towards the door at any time during the almost 10 minutes that I was standing there. I felt excited that they were having fun and engrossed in their projects. I wandered the hall to see Hannah and still no glance, she was OK with her class. This is the first class ever that she has started. This is also the first day. Last year she was OK with 2 or 3 classes and then she decided to call it quits, and that was OK because it wasn't her class to begin with, it was Bens.

Overall she had a wonderful time and can't wait to show her teacher that she knows the sign of the cross already!
Hannah a little nervous at the morning meeting while Ben is excited!! Ben in his Kindergarten Sunday School classHannah giving me a big smile in her Preschool Sunday School class
Hannah eager to do the sign of the cross

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