Monday, September 10, 2007

Thinking back...

When we got back from our camping trip time went quickly for me and I couldn't get online to post pictures and such, so here are a few that I took that I really wanted to post.

We bought a slip 'n slide when we got back from camping because the weather was so HOT when we returned. The kids wanted something different to play in (besides the pool) and loved every second of this super fun way to keep cool. The grass gets soaked every time and if we forget to pick it up after they're done, the grass gets a nice long brown stripe.

Ben passed his 1st section karate test before we went on vacation and here he is receiving his belt after it was dyed. Yay Ben!!!

We went to the tide pools to explore and had exactly 5 minutes to walk around. Next time I think we will plan it a bit better so that we can walk around to explore and discover the creatures. The kids were into it but we were waved out and had to leave.

Noah loves to vacuum and on this day he decided to do it with his slippers who wouldn't take a picture of him doing this?

And finally (for tonight) we went to night-time zoo with my sister and her 2 children. They had a blast. Here they are waiting for a show. they each got out with a necklace and Marissa caught a stuffed animal. It was late when we got home and they were asleep so fast. much fun!

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