Friday, September 28, 2007


Tonight we went to Rubio's for dinner and Hannah got to thinking about "what if they close the doors and we get stuck inside for the night?" We started to think of different things that we would be able to do in the restaurant but the favorite thing to think about was how and where we'd be sleeping. I said that we could sleep on the tables, or on the stoves in the back (because they'd be warm). Then Ben looked up, spotted the palapas over our head and said that we could take that apart and use some of it for our bed then the rest could go on us for blankets. What about napkins for blankets? We'd need a lot of those. Hannah suggested that we sleep on the floor or on the counter or even the computers!! Boy that would be uncomfortable. They went on and on about different spots to sleep and then they thought about the morning. Boy would the people who came here for breakfast be surpised to see us sleeping on the floor!! We all laughed.

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