Saturday, September 15, 2007

Patio visitor...

Today we started to work on the patio floor, the cover is done so, on to the floor. It has been a long time coming and we finally have dived into it. It looks horrible, cracked and coming apart. So we are finally doing something about it! So we got the concrete out and started to mix it and got a great idea. What about making some more steeping stones!? We pulled the molds out (that we got for Christmas last year), some leftover glass pieces, some vase marbles and start making some more stepping stones. The kids had a blast. Noah loved it this time and was much more involved in it. He put all of his pieces in and even wanted to include his hands and feet! With such a small tile we could only do one footprint so that's what we ended up with. I'll try to post the newest ones soon!!

After our side-track we got busy on the filling in all the cracks and holes. The kids were great helpers! They had their own trowels and were helping us. They must've worked for over an hour with us and helped to finish the job! It was awesome to have so much help.

patio floor before...yuck!!!!

And while we were working we had a little visitor in the garden...not a butterfly or a bunny or a hawk! This dragonfly was so beutiful and I happened to see it land and exclaim "Oh a dragonfly!" Noah heard me and followed me to see it. I am lucky to have caught this picture at all because as soon as he saw it, he scared it away by running up close!

And if we stay on track with our schedule, next weekend we will continue with tile!

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