Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Miserable monkey....

As I said yesterday, Ben was sick all day with a fever and didn't do much of anything yesterday. Well, this morning it was much of the same. Staring at the TV and not interacting with anyone. At one point he told me that he needed a band-aid for his finger but I didn't really hear it to process it in my brain and go and get him one. At around 10 I took his temp and it wasn't too bad, around 99.6F if I remember correctly. Yesterday it was 102.0 so the lower temp made me feel better about this mystery illness. Then as I was looking him over, I noticed he has a rash. Big splotches all over the place but random, with a red face, and the rash wasn't raised with bumps. He said it itches but he wasn't scratching. And that is when he told me that his finger really hurts. Well, it should because it was so swollen with pus that I went into overdrive. I started thinking that this was what was causing the fever and that we needed to get him some relief. I really don't like seeing my kids so miserable. I called my Mom and I checked online to find out what it might be (the rash was stumping me).

We ended up going to the doctor who sat with us and told us that he needed a topical antibiotic for the finger-it really was ugly-and that it should help relieve it in no time. The fever and rash were secondary to the appointment, she noticed that when she walked in the room, also that he had a sore throat. All that and he has scarlet fever. Sounds like something from the early 1900's that people died from. Probably did. But a round of a different antibiotic will help him with that.

Tonight, after 2 rounds of antibiotics we noticed a little more action from Ben so I think he'll be OK. But since it is highly contagious we are sitting everything out this week! We're in the clear if no one gets it in 1-3 weeks!

Here's to hoping that tomorrow is better for all of us...but especially our #1 monkey!

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