Saturday, July 28, 2007


Ben started taking a karate class a few months ago. He absolutely loves it. He is doing very well in it too. Today he had his pre-test/test to move to a 1st section black belt. There are 7 tests before they reach black belt. Ben has been practicing very hard for this. One of his friends in class tested into 1st section about a month ago and that made him more driven, because if he gets to 1st section then maybe he'll be with his friend again. So today he had his pre-test to see if he was ready to be tested and they determined that he was ready. He tested with 3 other boys and they all passed!!!!! He is a proud 1st section-er. And we are quite proud of him. He did an awesome roll and the instructors had the other 3 boys watch him demonstrate it. I flaked on pictures during the test (I was nervous for him!!) but here is a shot of all 4 new 1st section-ers with one of the instructors while he is telling them what to learn for the next test.
Now he waits to get his 1/7th dyed black belt and he cannot wait! Way to go Ben!!

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